I always thought it would be interesting if a website had credits so instead of the usual Links page this is a Credits page.  This page gives credit to everyone that I've referenced throughout this website and will have some other websites that may you may find interesting at the bottom.  Unfortunately, I'm not skilled enough at the website building business (yet) to make them scroll, but here are my credits (in order of appearance):



Roxas (me)


Amor Graffiti by Unknown Artist, Header for pages


Gardening Street Art by Dreph, Home Page

General Info

Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, General Info

The World Ends with Youby Square-Enix, General Info

Samurai Champlooby Shinichiro Watanabe, General Info

Graffiti Advertisingby Marketing Minefield, General Info


V for Vendetta Quoteby James McTeigue, Me

Street Art

Bahrain Graffitiby Unknown Artist (Note: this is a very picture heavy site, so only go to it if you don’t fear your computer freezing up).

Brazillian Graffiti by Zezão

Anywhere Graffiti by Cisco

11th Street Graffiti by Unknown Artists

Chibi Samurai by Unknown Artist

Hoakster Graffiti by Hoakster

Fruit by Unknown Artist

Ghost’s by Ghost

Japanese Graffiti by Unknown Artist

Kelburn Castle by Various Aritsts

Morons by Bansky

Face by Unknown Artist

Shibuya Graffiti by Unknown Artists

Water Lilies by Bansky

Alligator by Unknown Artist

Yes by Yes

Stop War by Unknown Artist

Mayan by Unknown Artitst

Street Tagging

Dublin Tagging by Unknown People

Random Tagging by Unknown People

Malmo Tagging by Unknown People

Tagging Damage by Joel Mareno-Carteno

Stair Tagging by Unknown People

555 by Unknown Person

Same in Any Language by Unknown People

Generic by Unknown Person


Some Videos

Graffiti YouTube Videoby kylewithnell

Bristol Graffiti/Tagging by tomswindell

Blu’s Evolution of Man by Blu


Interesting Sites

Blu’s Website

Banksy’s Website

Microbo’s Website

Ekosystem’s Website

Paper-Resistance’s Website